FSX – North American XF-108 Updated

FSX – North American XF-108 Updated. The XF-108 was designed to be a Mach 3 long range fighter primarily to escort the XB-70 Valkyrie. It originally had a simple delta wing and a delta shaped canard above and behind the cockpit. A mockup was built based on this final design but the project was canceled just after the mockup was approved in mid 1959. This is an FSX update of the FS9 model by the late Paul Clawson and features an entirely remodeled and improved VC and a 2D panel matching it. It was quite a project to get the VC to look somewhat like a real panel with pretty much authentic gauges. However, the interior still looks kind of basic with its green color and plain texture, which, unfortunately, could not be altered in any way. But as the aircraft looks really awesome, I considered it worth giving it new panels. Thanks to the late  Paul Clawson for the original model. Also thanks to Philippe Wallaert for his excellent and authentic XB-70 gauges I’ve used in the panels for the most part. Credits also go to Erwin Welker for the extra camera views. The model may work in FS2004 and in P3D, but I’m not sure.

New panels and FSX update by Michael Pook

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