FSX/FS2004 – Upgrade For K. Ito’s BV-155

FSX/FS2004 – Upgrade For K. Ito’s BV-155. Upgrade For Kazunori Ito’s FS2002 / FS2004 high altitude interceptor Blohm&Voss BV-155. The modified model has now a VC and a 2D panel regarding very rare photographs from the year 1945. The only change on the exterior model are the rocket pods and improved wheels and FSX prop discs. Kazunori Ito is my idol for almost twenty years. It is a pity that he was forced to stop to continiue with his great hobby in building an incredible high amount of aircrafts. Honouring his work but beeing afraid that this very rare and special aircraft of the last days of WWII will be lost for actual or newer simulators like Acceleration or P3D I allowed myself to upgrade this BV-155. Original model by Kazunori Ito,

2D panel and VC by Erwin Welker Continua a leggere FSX/FS2004 – Upgrade For K. Ito’s BV-155

FSX/FS2004 – Yakovlev Yak-28P Supersonic Soviet Recon

FSX/FS2004 – Yakovlev Yak-28P Supersonic Soviet Recon. The Yak-28, based on the Yak-27, was the bigger one of a swept wing, turbojet-powered combat aircraft used by the Soviet Union. Produced initially as a tactical bomber (first flight 1958), later there were also reconnaissance-, electronic warfare-, interceptor- and trainer versions, known by the NATO names Brewer or Firebar. The FS-model has a VC and a basic Navigators seat position behind of the glass bow with insertable 2D-panel (fixed view in FS2004).

FSDS 3.5 model and panel by Erwin Welker

18.5 MB Continua a leggere FSX/FS2004 – Yakovlev Yak-28P Supersonic Soviet Recon

FSX – Dornier Merkur Updated

FSX – Dornier Merkur Updated. The Dornier Merkur was an early German Propliner, based upon the Dornier Komet III. Its maiden flight took place in February 1925. The aircraft had two pilots in an open cockpit and could carry up to six passengers. This is Ralf Kreibich’s model, previously updated for FSX by Erik Hertzberger. The package includes three models and five great liveries. It now features a 2D panel and some corrections and enhancements for the VC as well. Smoke effect and Ju-52 sound added. All credits go to Ralf Kreibich for the original model.

New 2D panel and VC corrections by Michael Pook

30.5 MB Continua a leggere FSX – Dornier Merkur Updated

FSX – Dewoitine D27 Updated

FSX – Dewoitine D27 Updated. This is the Dewoitine D27, previously updated for FSX by Patrice Grange, with new enhanced VC design and all -more authentic- French gauges for both panels. New 2D panel, smoke and new camera views added.

Original model by Patrice Grange, new 2D panel and other updates by Michael Pook.

13 MB Continua a leggere FSX – Dewoitine D27 Updated

FSX – Breguet 19 Updated

FSX – Breguet 19 Updated. The Breguet 19 (Breguet XIX, Br.19 or Bre.19) was a light bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, also used for long-distance flights, designed by the French Breguet company and produced from 1924. This is an update of the Breguet 19, designed and posted by A.F. Scrub some time ago. The package features an enhanced VC and a new 2D panel, both with new gauges. New contact points prevents the plane from going havoc on the runway when started. Smoke, vc and nav lights as well as new camera views added. Credits go to A.F. Scrub for the original model and to Yannis Katehis Tsetsas for the gauge compilation.

New 2D panel, VC enhancement and contact points by Michael Pook

16.5 MB Continua a leggere FSX – Breguet 19 Updated

FSX/P3D – Dewoitine D-520 Updated

FSX/P3D – Dewoitine D-520 Updated. This is an FSX update for the FS2004 Dewoitine D-520, designed by F. Giuli, featuring an FSX compatible gauge configuration for the VC and 2D panel. New smoke, vc light and camera views added. Thanks to F. Giuli for the original model.

All updates by Michael Pook.

16.5 MB Continua a leggere FSX/P3D – Dewoitine D-520 Updated