FSX – Miles M3 Prototype G-ACTM

FSX – Miles M3 Prototype G-ACTM. The pilot can be removed from the external view using the Water Rudder keystroke (SHIFT+W, in FS9, CTRL+W, in FSX). The Pilots sliding window uses the cowl flaps keyboard command or by mouse in FS9, the passenger window uses SHIFT+E+3, or by mouse click in FS9. FSX does not respond to mouse clicks on transparent items. The passenger & the baggage can be removed by deleting their weight from the Fuel & Payload dropdown menu. The consumption of fuel from the central tank affects C of G, so needs monitoring during flight. The easiest way to select the fuel tank to be used is to select ‘FUEL’ from the Icons on the instrument panel, & then Left Click on the position required, this obviates the sequence using the VC fuel cock of passsing through ‘OFF’. The Air-Log instrument will record hours flown in the top central green window, with the needle showing minutes. There are 4 digits that can be displayed in the lower half of the instrument & record the total engine hours run.

By Keith Paine

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