FSX – Heinkel P-1079A Nightfighter Update

FSX – Heinkel P-1079A Nightfighter Update. In 1945, the German Air Ministry requested new designs for a new generation of jet fighters such as the Horten Ho 229 and Focke Wulf Ta 183. One of these designs was the Heinkel He P.1079. The initial design, known as the P.1079A, was a V-tail night fighter with wings that featured a 35 degree sweepback.The second and third designs were flying wings with a single vertical fin which replaced the V-tail of the P.1079A. The P.1079.B2 was a completely tailless flying wing. None of the three designs were ever produced, with development work ceasing at the end of World War II.
This is an update of the Nightfighter, originally designed by Andreas Becker. The focus of this update lies upon the panels, now featuring mostly German gauges to give them a more authentic appearance, being that this aircraft was a German design. In adition, tha VC has been entirely reworked and now contains some more gauges. All credits go to Andreas Becker for the original model.

New panel updates by Michael Pook.

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