FSX – Firespray 31X

FSX – Firespray 31X. One of the reasons why Star Wars is still so popular after over 40 years is surely the creative and unique designs of the vehicles! Back then, Boba Fett’s ship was a mystery to me! After seeing “The Empire Strikes Back” in the cinema for the fifth time, I tried to recreate this strange ship with Lego at home from my memories!  Now through the Corona break I had the opportunity to build my first model for FSX and it had to be this bird… This model has no VC, one texture but a nice 2d panel (Thanks to Battlefront 2 for the Slave 1 panel background)! Many thanks to Bruce Fritzgerald for his Flight dynamic settings (FDE),  Milton Shupe and Krispy1001 for their Gmax and Blender entry-level videos and the people from the FSDeveloper site for their Blender tool!  Without their work I could not have exported anything for FSX (have no FSX SDK)! Tested only in FSX/ACC! Have fun!

78.5 MB

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