FS2004 – Boeing 777-300ER Full Package

FS2004 – Boeing 777-300ER Full Package. This package was compiled from various sources. Permission was given by Hiroshi Igami for the use of the SkySpirit 2012 model, but he bears no responsibility for problems that might occur from its use. The package was compiled by the “FS2004 FDE Design Group”. We specialize in creating customized flight dynamics that closely match public specifications where possible.  This package consists of the SkySpirit 2012 v.2 model of the Boeing 777-300ER. I have added a custom panel (used with permission) which retains access to ground service facilities, doors, cargo, etc. I’ve included a custom sound set that closely matches that of the GE90 engines used on this airliner and I’ve written my own flight dynamics that match public specifications where possible. The model included with this package may not be distributed in part or as a whole without permission from Hiroshi Igami. This model may not be included in any payware or shareware packages.

Model – Hiroshi Igami (SkySpirit 2012) – Cockpit – Chris Jeanne – Livery – Carlos Eduardo Salas – Sound – Des Braban – Internal Views, Flight Dynamics, and Final Assembly – Chesley Hann (Flightsim FDE Design Group)

109 MB

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