FSX/P3D – PR20 Adjuntas/Rullan Field Photoscenery

FSX/P3D – PR20 Adjuntas/Rullan Field Photoscenery. PR20 is a privately ownd airfield sitting on top of a flattened mountain peak, in the heart of West-Central Puerto Rico. It is a 20 minute hop from TJPS (Ponce), about 18 NM on Radial 325 PSE, and it features a rough-asphalt 1500’x 40′ runway with deadly cliffs on both ends. Because of this it earned the nickname “the carrier landing”. This scenery features 1m arc/s elevation mesh to match local topography as best as possible, however this was not enough….a lot of work had to be done manually to create the flattened mountain top where the airport resides. THe area has been populated with custom made flora, and autogen. No night textures as this is an airport that does not operate dusk/dawn. Runway and apron textures are all custom, with a combination of LOD 16 and LOD 17 photoreal base.

By PhotoRico Scenery Project

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