FSX – Breguet 19 Updated

FSX – Breguet 19 Updated. The Breguet 19 (Breguet XIX, Br.19 or Bre.19) was a light bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, also used for long-distance flights, designed by the French Breguet company and produced from 1924. This is an update of the Breguet 19, designed and posted by A.F. Scrub some time ago. The package features an enhanced VC and a new 2D panel, both with new gauges. New contact points prevents the plane from going havoc on the runway when started. Smoke, vc and nav lights as well as new camera views added. Credits go to A.F. Scrub for the original model and to Yannis Katehis Tsetsas for the gauge compilation.

New 2D panel, VC enhancement and contact points by Michael Pook

16.5 MB

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