FSX/FS2004 . Salvage Tug Boat With Freighter In Emergency

FSX/FS2004 . Salvage Tug Boat With Freighter In Emergency. The OCEANIC is in service since 1969. Most of the time under German flag. She was and is one of the biggest and most powerful offshore salvage tugboats worldwide. She is almost 88 m long, 17.500 HP strong and more than 20 knots fast. The freighter is one of the German Cap San-class vessels from the same era. The package contains two pilotable versions (solo and towing a vessel) with 2D navigation bridge and VC and two ai-versions. The freighter of the pilotable version is animated with three different key commands. It is in the users hands if the towed vessel will stay in a modest emergency or if the ship will capsize and sink.

FSDS 3.5 models by Erwin Welker

23 MB

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