FSX – French 18th Century Frigate L’Hermione

FSX – French 18th Century Frigate L’Hermione. French Frigate L’Hermione in a pilotable and in an ai-version. Marquis de La Fayette returned 1780 back to Boston to support the american colonists during the Independence War. With an overall lenght of 65 meters she was a quite big and fast warship, equipped with twenty six 12-pounder guns and some more 6- and 8 pounders. While the original was built in just eleven month the replic, laid down in 1997, was completed after seventeen years. Today she is one of the biggest wooden ships. My models represents the original one. The Sim-model is almost complete rigged with hundreds of ropes and has many animated guns, six animated stunsails and six animated crewmen. Twentyfour cameras let you explore the whole ship: The deck, the lower gun deck and the sailors views from high above in the masts. The effects allows you to fire broadsides to starboard and port seperatly. The model runs in Acceleration and in FS2004 and I guess also in P3D until version V3.

FSDS 3.5 model made by Erwin Welker

17.5 MB

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