FSX/P3D – Fiat G.12 version 2.0

FSX/P3D – Fiat G.12 version 2.0. Recompiled the 3D models for FSX/P3D. Revised virtual cockpit and some gauges. The Fiat G.12 was an Italian trimotor military/civil transport plane of the 1940s and early 1950s designed by the prolific engineer Giuseppe Gabrielli. This archive installs different MDLs for five different types of Fiat G12. They each have custom animations, sounds, engines, cockpit layouts, gauges, flight dynamics and on screen handling notes. All components are closely based on the original manuals. A detailed history and explanation of how to fly the five different versions of G.12 is included. Seven different liveries are supplied: Two Regia Aeronautica, one post war Italian Air Force (AMI), one Avio Linee Italiane (ALI), one Airone and two Alitalia (“Alcione” and “Regolo”).

Models by Stefano Meneghini, liveries by Manuele Villa and Stefano Meneghini, original FS9 flight dynamics and handling notes by FSAviator.

38.5 MB

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