FSX – Potez 540 Update

FSX – Potez 540 Update. The Potez 540 was a French multi-role aircraft of the 1930s. Designed and built by Potez, it served with the French Air Force as a reconnaissance bomber, also serving with the Spanish Republican Air Force during the Spanish Civil War. Although obsolete as a bomber, it remained in service in support roles and in France’s overseas colonies at the start of World War II. This is Paul Clawson’s FSX Potez 540 with newly designed and reworked VC and 2D panel with now French gauges for the most part. It also features smoke effect, slightly improved FDE and additional camera views for the co-pilot and rear seat. Original model by Paul Clawson and thanks to Restauravia for the great French gauges and to “Law Dog” for the sound.

Panel updates by Michael Pook

12.5 MB

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