FSX – Henschel HSP-87 Prototype Update

FSX – Henschel HSP-87 Prototype Update. This project was Henschel’s design for a fast bomber to be powered by a single 2200 horsepower Daimler Benz DB 610 engine. A “Entenbauform” (built like a duck) design was used, with the tail in front and the wing to the rear. Vertical fins were located at the wingtips. The cockpit was in the forward fuselage with accomodations for a crew of three or four. The prototype construction was not begun, and the further development of tail-first aircraft was not pursued due to lengthy development time and design cost. This is an FSX update for the HSP-87, originally designed for FS2004 by Stephen Robinson. The aircraft works perfectly in FSX, but this update features a new 2D panel, smoke effect and additional camera views. Thanks to Steve Robinson for the awesome original model.

New 2D panel, smoke configuration and additional camera views by Michael Pook.

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