FSX – Fiat G91Y

FSX – Fiat G91Y. Reconnaissance and ground-attack aircraft produced by Italian company FIAT as an evolution of Fiat G91, with 2 afterburning General Electric J85 turbojets. The first pre-series ‘Yankee’ flew in July 1968. These aircraft served with 101° Gruppo/8° Stormo (Cervia-S.Giorgio) from 1970, and later, from 1974,  they served with the 13° Gruppo/32° Stormo (Brindisi), until the early ’90s. This model has been developed in gmax for FSX with SP2 acceleration. Accurate exterior model in clean version and with 2 external tanks, with speedbrakes, accurate gear movements and doors. The VC has been particularly modeled in order to offer the maximum realism, with complete custom 3d gauges set.

By Massimo Altieri

12 MB

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