FSX – FSX Avro Grand Slam Lancaster Master Bomber

FSX – FSX Avro Grand Slam Lancaster Master Bomber  for accurate high altitude attacks from 8000, 12000 and 14000 ft with the option for fully automatic release of Standard Droppable Objects. Depending on your rig, auto drops maybe less accurate than manual.  Based on the 617 Squadron Grand Slam Lancasters YZ-B, YZ-J and YZ-S with bonus Lancaster “Mike Squared” and an update for a previously uploaded 617 Squadron Lancaster Kc-D. The Lancasters are my usual fs9 payware by Plane-Design converted to FSX.  617 Sqd paints by Koos van Menen of The Netherlands.   Manual SABS Bombsight concept and programming by RMcL. Tallboy, Grand Slam, 4000lb cookie and automation by Koos van Menen.  General purpose bombs by Chris Sykes.   Target objects by RMcL, KvM and Erwin Welker (Germany).

By Ross McLennan

119 MB

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