FS2004 – De Havilland D.H 51

FS2004 – De Havilland D.H 51. This model is based on the last deHavilland D.H.51 in existence, G-EBIR, and is still flying after being built in 1924 !. This is in the care of the Shuttleworth Trust at Old Warden airfield in Bedfordshire U.K. A couple of operational changes have been made for Flightsim use – 1) Although only having one fuel tank of 33 galls the original has a main and reserve fuel cock – I have combined these. 2) The original aircraft is started by an external engineer cranking up a flywheel to power an inertial starter or swinging the prop whilst a high-power separate magneto is engaged. The separate magneto switch is now the starter switch on this model as described below. 3) The aircraft could be fitted with either two seats as a trainer or three as a passenger carrier – as modelled here. The front cockpit therefore has no instruments etc.

By David Molyneaux

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