FS2004 – Boeing 757-200 TNT


FS2004 – Boeing 757-200 TNT. This a repaint of the TNT 757-200 OE-LFB for the Project Opensky 757 Freighter. Textures are 32bit. These textures of course require the posky 757-200 freighter model (included). The PF (out right freighter with small front door) which is what this paint is for. (Model is posky757pfrre4 and has rolls royce engine file posky757rr_t). The SF (converted from pax jet and has the usual big front door) which is NOT what this paint is for.(Model is posky752SFrb535c and has rolls royce engine file posky757rb211535c_t)

By Paul Winn

7.5 MB

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