FSX – Upgrade for Jean-Pierre Fillion’s Canadian Icebreaker Amundsen

FSX – Upgrade for Jean-Pierre Fillion’s Canadian Icebreaker Amundsen. The new version has a virtual navigation bridge and many very special animations: Breaking ice at the bow, a splitted ice wake behind the stern, a Bell 206B Jetranger helicopter doing take offs and landings on the heli deck, a crane lifting a container onto the ice field and a polar bear mother with its child walking near the ship. Sixtien cameras let you watch all those animations and explore the ship. Original icebreaker sounds let you enjoy discovering ice fields. A saved flight at northern Canada on an icefiled approaching open sea is included. Additionally you can insert an icefield of 4 x 12 km using ai-carriers2 wherever you are sailing. All FSX features and configurations, the animations, the Bell 206B and the VC by Erwin Welker. The pretty original ai-boat is made by Jean-Pierre Fillion.

35.5 MB

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