FSX – Hughes H1 Racer Updated

FSX – Hughes H1 Racer Updated. The Hughes H-1 was a racing aircraft built by Hughes Aircraft in 1935. It set a world airspeed record of 352 mph and a transcontinental speed record across the United States. The H-1 Racer was the last aircraft built by a private individual to set the world speed record; most aircraft to hold the honor since have been military designs. This is an FSX update for the FS2004 model by Tim Conrad featuring new enhanced VC and 2D panels with now more authentic gauges, which pretty much resemble the real panel. Included is smoke effect and the Flight dynamics have been corrected, as the aircraft tended to turn extremely left during take-off. All credits go to Tim Conrad for this awesome racer.

By Michael Pook

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FSX – French 18th Century Frigate L’Hermione

FSX – French 18th Century Frigate L’Hermione. French Frigate L’Hermione in a pilotable and in an ai-version. Marquis de La Fayette returned 1780 back to Boston to support the american colonists during the Independence War. With an overall lenght of 65 meters she was a quite big and fast warship, equipped with twenty six 12-pounder guns and some more 6- and 8 pounders. While the original was built in just eleven month the replic, laid down in 1997, was completed after seventeen years. Today she is one of the biggest wooden ships. My models represents the original one. The Sim-model is almost complete rigged with hundreds of ropes and has many animated guns, six animated stunsails and six animated crewmen. Twentyfour cameras let you explore the whole ship: The deck, the lower gun deck and the sailors views from high above in the masts. The effects allows you to fire broadsides to starboard and port seperatly. The model runs in Acceleration and in FS2004 and I guess also in P3D until version V3.

FSDS 3.5 model made by Erwin Welker

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FSX – Lockheed T-33A T-Bird Jet Training Pakistan Air Force

FSX – Lockheed T-33A T-Bird Jet Training Pakistan Air Force. This is a redone model based on Tim Conrad’s FS2002/FS2004 T-33A for FSX SP2/Acceleration. It is a native FSX SP2/A model and will only work in FSX SP2/A. It will not work in earlier versions of MS Flight Sim. Model includes virtual cockpit, smoking engine and 6 texture choices. Original model by Tim Conrad, update to native FSX SP2/A by W. E. Stephens

Compied by Hamza Omar

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FSX/P3D – McCoy Helicopter Landing Effect 4.0

FSX/P3D – McCoy Helicopter Landing Effect 4.0. McCoy Helicopter Landing Effect v4 for both FSX & P3D v4. This package replaces the default rotor-wash effect for dirt and water, five sets of various sizes are included and can be used in any combination along with a subtle helicopter wake. These effects are individually assigned to a specific helicopter overriding both FSX & P3D’s default effects. These effects will not detach and lift off the surface when the aircraft climes above a specific height. Some improvements over v3.4b include the removal of two emitters for better frame rates, adjustments that remove the wind effect appearing in waves, a simplified installation and all emitters have had their scale, velocity, density, offsets and colors adjusted for a more realistic appearance.

Textures included by Vince McCoy

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FSX – Cessna 170B

FSX – Cessna 170B. In 1952, the Cessna 170B was introduced featuring a new wing tapered outboard of the flaps, incorporating dihedral similar to the military version. The B model was equipped with very effective modified Fowler (slotted, rearward-traveling) wing flaps which deflect up to 40° adapted from the C-305/Bird Dog.

This is Alphasim freeware repainted and upgraded to FSX by A.F.Scrub

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FSX – Embraer 190 SA Airlink South Africa

FSX – Embraer 190 SA Airlink South Africa. In the package you will find this Embraer -190 , operated by SA Airlink in 32bit textures. Added few pictures allowing first glance in the -view section- of this zip-file. This is a complete and perfect flyable aircraft with panel and sounds , using the defaults of the Lear45. This shiny Embraer -190 features extra bright navigation lights and realistic engine exhaust smoke. Includes an up to date specially made customized lightmap for the -Tell-Tail- lights , they illuminate the vertical stabilizer. Many camera views have been added too. Tweaked the aircraft.cfg also to achieve smooth take-offs and landings. Smart looking engines complete the exterior highlights. A few shockwave light additions have been included in the [lights]-section of the aircraft.cfg file , specially for those pilots who have these installed , if not , disable them by putting double slashes in front of any line having the “shockwave” word in the title using the notepad and save. Credits go to Aardvark team , Craig Crawley and David Rawlins for his Embraer -190 model , FDE and original paintkit.

This re-paint and special extra features are by -The DFW Group

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