FSX – Real AI Sounds DC-9 MD80 And F100-70

FSX – Real AI Sounds DC-9 MD80 And F100-70. These ai sound files are merely an addition to the already fantastic collection of ai sounds for the airport environment.The purpose for making these files was just for creating an authentic feeling ‘ hearing those whining and rumbling noises ‘ from those old machines ( dc-9/md80 and fokker). I have been using these sound files for both the WOAI and my own ai aircrafts.That being said, these files have been tweaked and edited from various sound maker owners.

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FSX – Service Pack


FSX – Service Pack. This is an update for FSX that some people may be unaware they need. It contains an exe file that will install a missing portion of service pack 1 that was left out of Acceleration. The .dll file in the other folder may be needed for those who have FSX crash when accessing menus; or as happened to me, needed to be there so FSX Acceleration did not crash early each session while running under Windows 8.1. The SP1 update also makes it possible to see carriers in Acceleration that otherwise would not be able to be seen. These files are on the internet for anyone to download, but I don’t remember coming across an update like this to bring people’s attention to them.

By Bob Chicilo

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