FSX – Embraer 190 SA Airlink South Africa

FSX – Embraer 190 SA Airlink South Africa. In the package you will find this Embraer -190 , operated by SA Airlink in 32bit textures. Added few pictures allowing first glance in the -view section- of this zip-file. This is a complete and perfect flyable aircraft with panel and sounds , using the defaults of the Lear45. This shiny Embraer -190 features extra bright navigation lights and realistic engine exhaust smoke. Includes an up to date specially made customized lightmap for the -Tell-Tail- lights , they illuminate the vertical stabilizer. Many camera views have been added too. Tweaked the aircraft.cfg also to achieve smooth take-offs and landings. Smart looking engines complete the exterior highlights. A few shockwave light additions have been included in the [lights]-section of the aircraft.cfg file , specially for those pilots who have these installed , if not , disable them by putting double slashes in front of any line having the “shockwave” word in the title using the notepad and save. Credits go to Aardvark team , Craig Crawley and David Rawlins for his Embraer -190 model , FDE and original paintkit.

This re-paint and special extra features are by -The DFW Group

6.5 MB

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